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Osteopathy is a form of health care which uses hands-on techniques to diagnose and treat the body. The emphasis of treatment is the whole body, not just the symptoms. Therefore we address structural and movement based dysfunction which may influence various musculoskeletal conditions of the body.

As Osteopaths we utilise a range of techniques which may support the recovery process. Including stretching and massage for treatment of the soft tissues encompassing muscles, tendons and ligaments. Mobilisation or articulation of the joint system. Stretching techniques, cranial Osteopathy, home exercise prescription and general lifestyle advice.

In Australia, Osteopaths are government registered (AHPRA) practitioners who complete a minimum of five years university training in anatomy, physiology, pathology, general musculoskeletal diagnosis and Osteopathic treatment.

Osteopathy is covered by most private health funds and by Medicare’s Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Plans. Osteopaths are registered providers for DVA patients, Comcare, workers’ compensation schemes and motor accident insurers.

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