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What can Mat Pilates do for me?

The focus of Pilates involves low impact exercises to strengthen and lengthen muscles at the same time, to improve muscular endurance. This produces strong overall muscles and core stability without producing bulk. The main emphasis is on core strength which may help:

  • overall muscle toning
  • body control
  • flexibility and body mobility
  • promote better posture

Pilates is perfect for beginners looking to get themselves moving as well as athletes and people of all ages.


What we offer?

  • Small group sizes – maximum of 6
  • Our mat Pilates classes and fully trained Pilates matwork teacher, Dr Thomas Eastman (Osteopath), will discuss your goals and needs on your first class
  • With an Osteopathic background, all classes and exercises will be tailored to your specific needs or restrictions
  • High quality equipment

For your class:

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early for your class
  • Wear comfortable exercise clothing
  • Please wear a clean pair of socks
  • We have mats, however you’re welcome to bring your own


Casual Mat Session

Mat 8 pack*



Keen to try Pilates or need a one off? Valid for use in any class subject to availability.

Our terms run for 8 weeks, back to back.

*Valid for 8 classes during the 8 week term. Non transferable between terms.

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