Your Osteopath in Canberra. Dr Kieran Step and Dr Stefanie Villinger, Osteopaths, are centrally located in Braddon, Canberra.

We aim to get you pain free and mobile and back to your daily activities as quickly as possible using our ‘hands-on’ approach. We also support and maintain you staying mobile and healthy for the long term.

Our Osteopaths are experienced and qualified practitioners with over 16 years combined clinical experience. Step Into Health Care is an ideal choice for all family members with treatment experience ranging across all age groups, infants, newborns, pregnant women, the elderly, athletes, skiers and office workers.

Osteopaths are government registered allied health professionals. In Australia, Osteopaths complete a minimum of five years university training. Specialising in Osteopathy treatment, anatomy, physiology, orthopaedic testing and general medical diagnosis. We are able to create an individual treatment plan to address each patient’s health needs and support recovery through treatment, rehabilitation, education and body awareness.

If you would like more information about Osteopathy, speak to one of our Osteopaths today or you can book an appointment online.